9 Great Reader Tips to Change Your Day for Good!

Have you heard? Later this month, Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel will reunite in an NBC 15th anniversary special tribute to “Wicked” the hit Broadway musical! Between this news and so many fabulous tips from my great readers, my day has been changed for good!



The best way that I’ve found to clean my microwave is to take a rag, wet it, and ring it out—but not tightly. I place it in the microwave and turn it on for 25 seconds. When I open the microwave, the rag is hot enough to remove any buildup but not too hot that I can’t hold it. I use this to wipe out the microwave and it works every time in a matter of minutes. I got the idea from those expensive microwave cleaner packs that work the same way. Debbie


Any time I have a bag of flour that is almost empty, rather than store it, I transfer the remaining flour into an empty parmesan cheese shaker for when only a small amount is needed. The lid opens on one side to allow for shaking out the flour, which works great for dusting cake pans. The other side of the lid has a wide opening with a flat side to quickly and easily measure out a level tablespoon to use as a thickener for soups and stews. Jennifer


When hurricane Florence passed through recently, I pulled out my “Storm Box” and inside happened to be several Halloween glow sticks that were at least three years old. To my great surprise, they made perfect “nightlights” throughout the house during the days without power. The package said they “last up to 12 hours” and they did, even after several years. They were especially handy with small children who can carry around their own light. I’m taking advantage of Halloween season this year to restocked my storm box. Liane


My son and I are avid breakfast eaters. On the weekend, I make an entire loaf of bread into French toast. It takes seven eggs and about 1 1/2 cups of milk. Once the toast is cooled, I put it back in the same bread wrapper and put it in the freezer. In the morning, I pop them in the toaster and my son has French toast for breakfast. He loves it! Krista


Have you ever noticed the difference in cost of cone coffee filters versus the basket-shaped ones? I had some of the basket ones when I switched to a cone style pot, and I tried them. I set the basket filter on the counter, measured in the coffee, gathered the top and set it in the proper spot carefully. Viola! Basket filters work just as well and I get 200 filters for $1.89. Cone filters are nearly $6.00 for 200. I can find a better use for that money! Nancy


I used to have to clean some messy leaks from meat that I stored or thawed in the refrigerator. Then, I put a plastic shoebox-size container in the fridge, and I put my thawing meats in that container to catch any spills. When leaks occur (they often do), I run the box through the dishwasher. Pam

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On a whim, I used a little Soilove on a large sticky lump of ugly gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Lo and behold, the whole messy thing came off easily! Thanks for letting all of us know about this great product. I’ve been using Soilove to pre-treat stains on laundry, so this was a welcome discovery. Sue

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When my husband and I were cleaning the grime out of our vehicles, we came upon the best carpet cleaner: Windex! I decided to try to remove a stain that had been embedded in my carpet forever, and voila!, it worked when everything else I tried failed. Just spray the stain thoroughly with Windex, rub gently with a towel, and absorb as much of the residue as possible. Then, apply water liberally and absorb that from the carpet as well. Andrea

NOTE: Always test new cleaning products in an inconspicuous place first to check results.


I love strawberries and read with interest the tip about how to keep them from going bad so quickly—separating them from one another. That’s easier said than done in a full fridge. I came up with the perfect solution: egg cartons. Each berry has its own little compartment! Rosemary

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    Linda Ordway says:

    I bought a 7 day morning and evening pill dispenser at the dollar store and easily took my earrings on a trip without any tangling.


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