6 Free Websites Help You Save Time and Money

Take a little time from your busy day to check out these six websites—all of them fun, free and designed to help you save time and money … every day!


RECIPES THAT CROCK is a website created by the slow cooker obsessed blogger Cris Goode. There are a ton of fun, tummy warming recipes to fire up your slow cooker this autumn and beyond. Simply search for recipes at Recipes That Crock, or sign up for the newsletter which arrives a few times per week.

CHECKY. Technology can be a good thing, but when you’re spending too much of your valuable time checking your smartphone every five minutes, it’s just down right distracting. To get insight into how often you’re checking your phone use the Checky app. By discovering how extreme your actual checking habit is you’ll become more mindful instead of mindless when it comes to your smartphone. Also Available for iOS and Android.

HOT PADS! In the market to rent an apartment or purchase a new home? HotPads can help you find your new abode. Punch in your intended city or town, select the number of bedrooms you’ll need and set up a pricing parameter. Available rentals or homes on the market will pop up. Simply hover over and click the icon on the map for details or select “list” if you prefer a listed format. You can save your searches and ask for search alerts as new properties become available. Hotpads is a great place to find renters for your own property as well. Also available as an app for iOS and Android

TRUE CAR. Whether you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned car or are looking to sell your current vehicle, check out TrueCar, a website and app that lets you know the going rate for specific makes and models of cars in your area. If you’re looking for a new car you can find all the specs right here instead of searching through multiple manufacturers’ websites. If you’re looking for a pre-owned model, listings with the “Great Price” label show a handy grid letting you know where that particular vehicle falls compared to the national average selling price. It’s probably best to use this as an “information” site, at least at first, since signing up may result in excessive emails. Apps also available for iOS and Android.

CHECKOUT 51. While doing your grocery shopping this holiday season, earn some extra cash with Checkout 51, a grocery shopping website with apps for iOS or Android. Every Thursday morning look over the new offers available and then select the ones you plan on buying that week at any store. Once you’ve made your purchases upload your receipt. When your account reaches $20, Checkout 51 will send you a check. Sweet!

365 GRATEFUL. In honor of Thanksgiving—and every other day of the year—get on board with 365 Grateful, a photographic project that’s all about the good things in life. Familiar with keeping a gratitude journal? The idea here is to create a visual journal by taking a photo every day of one thing for which you’re grateful. So get our your smartphone, digital camera—even your SLR—and get snapping!

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  1. crisgoode
    crisgoode says:

    Hi Mary!
    Thank you so much for referring your readers to Recipes That Crock! We’d love to have them. We appreciate you sending folks our way.

  2. Sarah Waldrop
    Sarah Waldrop says:

    The second link to HotPads is broken, it leads to a spam site. Great suggestions, I always enjoy getting your newsletters. I have your chicken tortilla soup recipe in my favorites list…yum!


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