day 17

40-Day Challenge Day 17

Finalize your list of gifts to make. Be realistic with your time. Inventory your supplies, create a shopping list and match to craft store coupons. Add crafting days to your holiday calendar.

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Whether it’s something from your kitchen, craft room, woodworking shop, or computer, there’s nothing like a homemade gift. A tree ornament, a plate of cookies, a box of fudge, and note cards are just some kinds of homemade gifts with universal appeal.



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Question: What has been your experience with homemade gifts—giving and receiving? What have been your best ideas?



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  1. Jan says:

    I put my empty essential oil bottles in a large glass candy jar that I’ve filled up with epsom salts. I put those empty bottles in and then shake, shake, shake that jar. The next time I add emtpy bottles I take out some of the bottles that have been steeping in the epsom salts. When I want a fast present, I bottle up some of those now great smelling epsom salts in a cute Mason jelly jar. Wrap a ribbon around it, add a tag and voila!- lovely bath salts!


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