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Chicken Labeling: Prepare to Be Surprised

If you’ve ever stood in the supermarket wondering if paying more for chicken that is free-range, antibiotic-free, no hormones added,


How to Clean a Shark Vacuum and Its Filters

With all of the miles I’ve put on my Shark vacs over the years, I’ve never had one fail. And

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9 Cooking Mistakes We All Make and How to Fix Them

Just the other night I suffered a kitchen disaster. I hate when that happens. I ruined an entire pot of

make your-own-glass-cleaner-for-sparkling-windows

Meet My Spring Clean A-Team

There’s an illness that has been documented by poets for centuries and I’ve got it. It’s spring fever, that wonderfully

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The Best Way to Vacuum Carpet is to Memorize this Routine

Perhaps this has happened to you: You’ve lived with carpeting, then for one reason or another you live with hardwood

A plate of gourmet-quality Pasta Mama from Hugo's Restaurant, West Hollywood, Calif.
Food & Recipes

This is How You Make World-Class Gourmet Pasta on a Shoestring

A popular restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif., Hugo’s, has been critically acclaimed for one of its menu items, Pasta Mama.

This car trash can is the perfect size with all the features we need at a super affordable price123rf.com
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This is the Best Car Trash Can Ever

I’ve always thought that a car should come outfitted with some kind of incinerator that sucks the accumulation of trash

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All You Need to Know to Get Your Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Honestly? When I first heard about ordering prescription eyeglasses online, I scoffed. I rolled my eyes. What next? Mail order surgery?

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The Most Critical Six Months in a College Grad’s Life

Graduating from college is one of life’s most thrilling events. And the decisions and choices graduates make in the first

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How to Give New Life to an Old Eyeglasses Case

Recently, I dropped off several out-of-prescription eyeglasses at a Walmart Vision Center, just one of many collection centers around the country

Two cute kids hiking in the forest depicting the need to be able to survive a crisis123rf.com
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How to Survive an Income Crisis and Come Out Better for It

Last week, as a grateful family and community welcomed home 8-year-old Leia Carrico, and her 5-year-old sister Caroline, who’d been

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Salad in a Jar—Good for Health and Wealth

If you’ve been hanging with me for any length of time, you know I’m pretty wild about making Gifts in

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These Brilliant Tips Make Cooking More Fun and Rewarding

I remember my grandmother saying, “If we didn’t need food, we’d all be rich!” This may be true, but then

Young man using computer and counting his Ebates cash.123rf
Money and Finances, Shopping

Ebates—an Awesome Way to Build a Cash Stash

I could teach you how to be an extreme couponer. I’ve had a lot of experience including the time I

Closeup portrait of the worst kind of cheapskate who is generous with himself, cheap with others
Mary's Perspective, Money and Finances

Cheap, Yes, But Not at the Expense of Others

Living below your means requires a good bit of creativity from time to time. You have to get pretty clever

Mary Hunt's garden in spring©2014 Everyday Cheapskate
Best Inexpensive, Dear Mary, Outdoors and Garden

Best Inexpensive Gadgets and Gear for the Home Gardener

There’s nothing like a series of sunny days in late winter to wake up my inner gardener. Apparently, I’m not

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The Best Way I Know to Slash the True Cost of Dirty HVAC Filters

Do I have a story to tell you—another lesson I’ve learned the hard way so you won’t have to. Truth

A dad and his child standing in front on f a white brick wall each with headphones listening to music and big smiles on their faces
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Here are the Best Headphones for Every Budget and Kids, Too

Several readers have asked recently about the best inexpensive headphones and earbuds both for themselves and their kiddos. Today seems

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The Best Inexpensive Skin Care Products Recommended by My Doctor

How shocked was I to read it in a popular women’s magazine? Speechless, but somehow I gathered enough strength to

Money and Finances

How to Take the Pain Out of Saving Loose Change

I am not one to spend coins. I prefer to save my pocket change. In fact, I go out of

Young women shopping online with a credit card in her hand and a smile on her face
Dear Mary, Money and Finances

This Is What Happens When Financially Immature Students Get a Credit Card

Our kids are fortunate to be growing up in the most progressive and exciting time in history. Sadly, the very culture that

stereotypical- great-white-pawn-shop-loan shark
Money and Finances, Shopping

With My Sincere Apologies to Pawn Shops Everywhere

In the wake of America’s big economic wake-up call back in 2008, dollar stores and thrift stores saw, and continue

Home & Family, Shopping

How to Save Yourself From a Foolish Purchase

I wish I had a dollar for every stupid purchase I’ve made in my life. I’d have quite a stash!

Mary's Perspective, Money and Finances

The Truth About Joy and Living Well, Below Your Means

Even the mention of words like frugality and thrift send some people over the edge because, for them, those words

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Readers Share Their Brilliant Ideas Plus Something More

What I love more than great tips and brilliant ideas from my readers are the lovely words of love and

Health and Beauty, Home & Family

16 Surprising Reasons to Stop Throwing Out Pickle Juice

It was a weird request. My friend Mary Ann asked if she could borrow some pickle juice. Huh? Who keeps

Food & Recipes

Make it Better Yourself: Homemade Coffee Creamer

Cream. It’s coffee’s perfect mate. And when that creamer comes flavored in a handy bottle from the dairy case, even more perfect, right? Oh,

Dear Mary

A Gift You’ll Never Regret Giving Yourself

Over the years, I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to address audiences large and small, at all kinds of event from

Food & Recipes, Home & Family

Every Busy Cook Needs This Easy Go-To Recipe

I may be the only person in the world for whom this happens, but I doubt it. On a whim,

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The 3 Vacuums I Use Every Day and Absolutely Swear By

If you have hard flooring, carpet or flat surfaces in your home, which just about covers every possibility—there are three


How to Make Sure You are Using the Right Amount Laundry Detergent

As you know, and only because I do mention it from time to time, I get a lot of email.