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Readers’ Tips Often Come with More than Just Great Ideas

The only thing I love more than great tips from my readers are the words of love and thanks. Yeah,

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How to Rid Bathroom of Hairspray Overspray Plus More Quick Tips

Hairspray is wonderful for your hair, not so great on the floor, sink, walls, mirror, and counter where you get

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Cleaning, Home & Family

How to Make Your Own Dusting Spray

I used to buy aerosol cans of Endust, but those days are gone. Now, I make my own dusting spray—cheaper,

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Best Inexpensive™ Dish Drainer, Electric Kettle, Outdoor Grill

You have to know it’s a good day for me when my “inner shopper” gets to come out and play.

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Tips to Rescue Stained Sinks, Pitted Chrome, and Slow Running Drains

I’ve always found it ironic that the places in our homes that should be the cleanest—the washing machine, kitchen sink,