A plate of food with a birthday cake, with Candle
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Ask Me Anything: Candle Wax Removal, Laundry Sanitizer, Heavy-Duty Window Cleaner

A many-candled birthday cake left you with a mess of melted candle wax, now hardened and hopelessly stuck to your

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Some (But Not All) Spray Bottles are Designed to Fail

Many commercial household cleaning products—glass and window cleaner for example—routinely come in a bottle with a handy sprayer. And those

cleaning head light
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How to Remove Cloudy Film from Headlight Covers Plus More Great Reader Tips

Well, you’ve done it again! You clever readers have come up with another batch of fabulous ways that all of

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How to Eliminate Horrible Smoke Odor

I love the smell of a campfire smoke mixed with the scent of pine trees on a warm summer night. In

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Best Inexpensive™ Umbrellas

What we should expect are umbrellas that are waterproof, sturdy, and above all, reliable for a decent period of time.


Help! Issues with Tub and Shower Soap Scum Cleaner

If I were keeping track of the number of responses from my readers that are filled with praise and gratitude,

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Heal the Heartbreak of Scratches on Stainless Steel

Get rid of scratches on brushed stainless steel surfaces with the right tools and these tips.