Young girl blowing out the lit candles on her birthday cake
Cleaning, Dear Mary, Laundry

Ask Me Anything: Candle Wax Removal, Laundry Sanitizer, Heavy-Duty Window Cleaner

A many-candled birthday cake left you with a mess of melted candle wax, now hardened and hopelessly stuck to your

Food & Recipes

Two Recipes on the Menu Every Week at My House

There are two meals I prepare nearly every week—Crispy Skin Chicken Thighs and Honey Garlic Salmon. These are my go-tos

Spray bottle fail and an angry young woman
Home & Family

Some (But Not All) Spray Bottles are Designed to Fail

Many commercial household cleaning products—glass and window cleaner for example—routinely come in a bottle with a handy sprayer. And those

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24 Fabulous Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day 2018 is right around the corner—you have about two weeks to get ready. If this news is catching

fright-and-wonder-woman-with-newspaper at home
Dear Mary

Sticky Situations: Bankrupt Mortgage Lender and $10,000 Engagement Ring

Money matters can affect every area of life, and can often stir up emotions of worry, fear, anger, and resentment.

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How to Remove Cloudy Film from Headlight Covers Plus More Great Reader Tips

Well, you’ve done it again! You clever readers have come up with another batch of fabulous ways that all of

Food & Recipes

When All Else Fails, Cover It With Chocolate

It’s only a cooking mistake if you can’t come up with a clever way to cover the mistake. Remember these

Dear Mary, Money and Finances

Credit Card Payment Dates and Credit-Limits: What Difference Does it Make?

What’s the solution to credit-card confusion? Stop being ignorant. Learn all you can. Ask questions to grow your financial intelligence.

Shocked young woman seeking copies of past Tax Returns
Mary's Perspective, Money and Finances

The Case for Keeping IRS and State Tax Returns Forever

You will never regret keeping your own copies of your Tax Returns—and knowing exactly where they are. Here are four

Food & Recipes

Get Clever with Leftovers: Coffee, Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes

Leftovers and I have a kind of love-hate relationship. I can’t bear the thought of tossing perfectly delicious food into

money-for-your-used-clothing front/back
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Tomorrow is the Day—Don’t Make These Tax Filing Mistakes

Make sure you don’t run any of these tax filing mistakes up the flagpole of your federal and state tax

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Demo Day and Beyond Starring Instant Pot!

The more I use it the more I learn. I could write for hours about all of the ways it

Home & Family

How to Eliminate Horrible Smoke Odor

I love the smell of a campfire smoke mixed with the scent of pine trees on a warm summer night. In

Salesman handing female customer key to new car
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My 22-Year Auto Lease Nightmare

Our first leased lost its value terribly, so we owed a lot when the auto lease was up. Again, we

Best Inexpensive, Home & Family

Best Inexpensive™ Umbrellas

What we should expect are umbrellas that are waterproof, sturdy, and above all, reliable for a decent period of time.

Cleaning, Dear Mary

Help! Issues with Tub and Shower Soap Scum Cleaner

If I were keeping track of the number of responses from my readers that are filled with praise and gratitude,

Food & Recipes, Home & Family

5 Fabulous Ways to Hack a Boxed Cake Mix

When cake mixes are on sale, I load up. That’s a good deal but only if you like the taste


Readers Teach the Teacher with Invaluable Household Tips

Readers teach me something new nearly every day—especially my readers who are professionals in the trades and send me their

Home & Family, Tips

Heal the Heartbreak of Scratches on Stainless Steel

Get rid of scratches on brushed stainless steel surfaces with the right tools and these tips.