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Best Inexpensive™ Toaster and Countertop Oven

I cannot begin to tell you all that I’ve learned over the last few months about kitchen appliances—both major and

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A Stain Treatment Worth Its Salt and More Great Reader Tips!

It was a lovely meal. The conversation was engaging, the entrée delightful—a good time was had by all. The guests

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A Money Lesson for Kids

Don’t assume your kids are going to learn about how to manage money well in school. There is a growing

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Ask Me Anything: Tamari, Dishwasher Cleaner, Expired Sunscreen, Toilet Rings

It’s time to reach into the inbox and pull out a few questions from my loyal readers—answers to which I

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Sometimes You Gotta’ Bite the Bullet

Some years ago, I asked members of my Debt-Proof Living website this question: What would you do with an unexpected

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How to Make Your Own Highly Effective Fruit and Vegetable Wash

To avoid illness from foodborne contamination, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends washing produce thoroughly with vinegar to help

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Let’s Hear It for These Three Companies and Their Great Customer Service

Today I want to nominate three more companies for a place in the Everyday Cheapskate Customer Service Hall of Fame.


The Heartbreak of Ink Stains on Leather and How to Remove

A new leather sofa or handbag—so beautiful. Or perhaps it’s the car you’ve had for a long time—the one with

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Readers Share Even More Brilliant Uses for Blue Dawn

I’m not certain when a subject becomes a saga, but I think we may have crossed over into saga territory

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Money Leaks That May Be Draining Your Wallet Dry

Stop wasting money on goods and services that don’t matter in the long run. By plugging all the places money

Woman with cleaning supplies ready to clean kitchen cabinets
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How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets and Keep Them Looking Gorgeous

Using common household ingredients, here are four options for how to clean the grease, grime and gunk from your kitchen

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The 4 Make-Your-Own-Mixes You Asked For!

They’re convenient and tasty, but the high cost of your favorite prepared mixes and spice blends is enough to make

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The Difference Between Safe Debt and Stupid Debt is Huge

Debt is like a rope. You can use it to lift, rescue and tie things together. Or you can use

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Yet Another Brilliant Way to Use WD-40 Around the House

We know that WD-40 is useful for more things than loosening bolts and stuck parts in a car’s engine. But

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Best Inexpensive™ Laptop Computers for Students of 2018

If you or someone you love will be heading off to college soon, a laptop will be absolutely essential. But

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Einstein Bread—So Easy to Make You’ll Feel Like a Genius

I have a recipe for you that is so amazing, so simple and so foolproof you’ll be tempted to call