From sharing their super cool tricks and tips for keeping fresh produce fresher longer, to making buttermilk last as long as it takes to use it up; a super cool way to fold clothes faster and more efficiently and keeping toys under control, my readers are the best!

Finding your tips, tricks and clever ways to save time and money makes opening my mail a treat! (Keep ’em coming, hear?)

Vegetables fresh produce at a market stall

Alive, Growing and Cheaper, Too!

I went to the supermarket to pick up what I needed for a cocktail to bring to a BYOB pool party. One ingredient on my list was fresh mint. In the produce department I noticed live plants in small starter pots for $2.50, including mint, basil, etc.  The plant was cheaper than the mint that was packaged, ready-to-use.

I purchased the plant, which stayed perky and fresh for my cocktails at the party, and then brought it home to plant in a pot on my patio. I had fresh mint all summer long! I have done this before with basil, too, when I needed it for a recipe. Monica


Stainless Steel, Silver and Fresh Produce

I have found that keeping fresh produce long enough to be consumed can be quite a challenge. A large slice (cut from the larger piece so at least on surface is fresh-cut, but not peeled) fresh ginger in a bag of potatoes, oranges or apples retards spoilage. Stainless steel bowls have kept my veggies fresh for weeks.

I keep Romaine fresh for up to six weeks in stainless steel. I keep melons in the rind, because the rind is a life providing, life extending protection to the inside. We are organic food eaters, so the produce we buy does not come coated with preservatives, making it twice as difficult to keep produce fresh for an extended period.

Stainless steel naturally inhibits bacterial growth, as does silver. The early settlers put silver dollars in the bottom of their water barrels to kill life threatening bacteria. It works the same in the bottom of a food storage bowl. These tips work! Deb

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