Can’t remember the last time I laughed right out loud while reading my mail the way I did today—not because an aged turkey is so funny or spending $2.00 to save half-a-penny is particularly hilarious.

It’s just that, well … both tickled my funny bone!


Cheap Ice

My husband says that it costs more to make ice in the freezer than to buy it in bags. I find that hard to believe. Do you know the answer? J.M.

Dear J.M.: Let’s say a 10-pound bag of ice at the store costs $2. Two dollars’ worth of water from your tap would be nearly 350 gallons at the U.S. average price of about $0.0058.per gallon—enough to make a lot of ice!

You are already keeping the freezer at 0 F., so it will take no more energy to make ice in it than you’re spending now to freeze other stuff.

Your husband’s theory might hold water if he’s talking about buying a separate ice-making machine that will be an additional appliance in your home that draws its own electricity. Otherwise, I think he’s all wet!

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