Faithful readers know by now that I love to open my mail to find your thoughtful, interesting questions. And when a question includes the words “cheap tickets” or what is the Best Inexpensive fill-in-the-blank, it makes my heart sing!

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Any situation—like how to find a good financial advisor without getting ripped off—gets my engines revved up. Helping you, my awesome readers, find more ways to save time and money is right up my alley.


Dear Mary: We are hoping to take a short vacation in May. Universal Studios in Orlando would be great if I could find a way to afford tickets. Do you have any ideas for how to find cheap or free tickets to the big amusement parks? Linda


Dear Linda: Head over to MouseSavers, a wonderful website that is, without a doubt, the best source for discounts at all of the Disney Parks as well as the others in the area including Universal Orlando.

At MouseSavers, type Universal Orlando into the search box. Another option is to check Costco, which often has special discounts available to its members for major theme parks.

AAA offers its members a nice discount on parks like Universal, as does the Entertainment book (use promo code SAVE5 to get $5 off plus free shipping.) for that area. Check out these sources to find the best deal for the time you plan to visit.

As for landing free tickets for Universal Orlando, and other amusement parks, they’re out there but you’ll have to be super clever and willing to work hard to bag them.

Various timeshare properties in the area are anxious to present their sales pitches to people, like yourself, who will be in the area looking for every way to save a buck.

If you’re willing to sit through hours of sales presentations, you could walk away with free tickets to your park of choice. Just keep in mind that if you end up falling for the pitch, you’ll go home much poorer than when you arrived.

It takes nerves of steel and a willingness to dig in your heels while kindly saying “No, Thanks!” over and over again. And again. Read more