I’ve been holding onto the coolest gift idea since last Christmas and it has not been easy. I’ve wanted to tell you, but only at the perfect time. It’s a gift I gave my husband—quite possibly the best gift I have ever given him. Ever. Let me explain.

Morning cup of coffee, gift, newspaper, glasses and bowtie on wooden desk for breakfast on happy fathers day

Having been married to the same man for 48 years (I know, I can’t believe it either), given birth to and co-raised our two now-adult sons and now the luckiest grandma on earth to our two grandsons, I know a thing or two about the male human. He loves a flashlight. A good flashlight. Really powerful. One that always works, is always handy, which means never lost.

Imagine all of these features in a flashlight that is the size of a fat tube of lipstick. With a pocket clip, so it slips into a pocket without going all the way to the bottom, where it ceases to be 100% handy. And has several settings for brightness. And it has a magnet on the end to make it stick to things so you can have both hands free.

Stop imagining because such a thing really does exist. But here’s the very best feature of all: It has a rechargeable battery just like a mobile phone—a tiny mini-USB port (adorable). You recharge it just like a cell phone!

Harold has used his pocket flashlight every day—maybe every hour—for five months now, and charged it fewer than six times. That’s how powerful this rechargeable battery is. It can hold a charge like forever.

I’m going to jump out on a limb and say there could not be a better gift for any male person (OK, I want one, too) on any gift list for any occasion than the first item on our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018.

Word to the wise: The good stuff sells out fast, which is why you’re reading this a full three weeks ahead of Father’s Day, June 17.


1. Compact LED Flashlight.  Olight S1 mini Baton Compact LED Flashlight just the best indispensable personal piece of equipment for the men in your life (see above). It’s reliable, perfectly engineered and so stinkin’ useful! There are knockoffs trying to be as fabulous, but none can match this Olight S1 Mini. Best. Gift. Ever. About $45

2. Personal Memoir. This is such a great gift for any dad or grandfather—a kind of template in a beautiful book that will prompt him to write his memoir for his kids and grandkids. The Story of a Lifetime: A Keepsake of Personal Memoirs is a hardback book to be completed—filled in with answers to almost 500 simple to provocative questions such as, “What period of your life have you enjoyed the most?” and “What has been your greatest contribution to life so far?” What a wonderful way to pass along a legacy of wisdom and knowledge that will be a treasured family heirloom now and for generations to come. About $20 Read more