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NEUTRALIZE BUG BITES. I read your column every day with much interest. I really enjoy re-affirming the practical life lessons and habits that I have lived by for most of my adult life We are definitely on the same wavelength. I saw the article today with the many uses of Vinegar (acetic acid).

You may not know that a very important use for vinegar is for bites and stings of any kind. Spiders, ants, mosquitoes, all have a venom which can be neutralized very effectively if you can apply a cotton ball soaked with vinegar to the bite as soon after you notice it, as possible. Give the area a good firm rub with the cotton ball—even squeeze it into the bite so it penetrates.

The venom (PH basic) is chemical opposite to the vinegar (PH acid), so the itching and swelling can be reduced or eliminated if caught quickly. Love your blog and your work ethic, keep up the good work. Robert Read more