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Best Inexpensive™ Electric Toothbrush, Folding Knife, Smart Speaker and Extreme Hand Lotion

One of the best things I’ve done in a long time is to invite my readers to send in their


Simple Tool Keeps Garbage Disposal Clean Plus more Great Reader Tips

Some days I just have to smack myself in the forehead. Why didn’t I think of that?! Doesn’t it make sense

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Ask Me Anything: Fruit Flies, Rusty Garden Tools, Eufy HomeVac HEPA Filters

Regardless what the calendar reads, I know without a doubt that where I live in Northern Colorado, fall has arrived.

Mary's Perspective

Lessons from a Two-Year Old

I gave my son and daughter-in-law lots of gifts when their son Elijah was born. But none has come back

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Instant Pot Quick-Start Guide

About 20 years ago there was a pressure cooker renaissance in America. Our grandmothers knew that day would come, that

Best Inexpensive, Home & Family

Best Inexpensive: Towels, Mattress Pad, Down Comforter

In my lifetime, I have spent way too much in an attempt to furnish bedrooms and baths with high quality

hand with a calculator. money saving concept.
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Saving by Choice, Not by Chance

A reader question I answered some time ago brought a small avalanche of mail, mostly from readers who were aghast

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Put Denture Tablets to Work Around the House

I have a long list of reader questions that I’d intended to answer today. But I got so taken away

Dear Mary

Letters to the Editor—Everything From Pedialyte to Bed Sheets, Vacuums and More

I have to admit that my readers’ comments—the good, the grateful; the bad, ugly, glowing, hilarious and even from time

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Back-to-School Clothes Shopping

Your money is limited and time is short. Here is my best advice to make sure back-to-school clothes shopping doesn’t

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How to Get Your Perspective Back on Track

These days, it’s easy to fall into the muck and mire of worry and defeat. Personal crises like a financial


16 Facts and Uses for the One Cent Piece That are Worth Every Penny

For some people, pennies are so annoying, they don’t even bother picking up strays that end up on sidewalks and

Dear Mary

Ask Me Anything: Vacuum Cleaner and Home Chef Packaging Material

In elementary school I was one of those kids who would get so excited raising my hand and jumping up

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Got a Big Harvest? Can It!

So, you planted a garden, lucked out when your property included fruit trees, stumbled upon a produce sale you just

Food & Recipes, Home & Family

How the Right Thermometer Makes Me Look Good in the Kitchen

Faithful readers know how much I love to cook. That has not always been the case. It was coming face-to-face

Dear Mary, Home & Family

Ask Me Anything: Robot Mops, Sun Block, Tile Grout, Stinky Cigarette Smoke

From cars that reek of stale cigarette smoke to tile grout and robot floor mops, I get questions of every

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Turn Your Dishwasher Into a Workhorse Plus More Great Reader tips

The dishwasher in my house is a workhorse. It does a great job of cleaning dishes of course, but also

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They’ll Think It’s Filet Mignon

From time to time my supermarket runs a special on a cut of beef they label,  “London Broil.” It’s a

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How to Conquer Burned-On Oven Crud

I don’t know how else to describe what happens to beautiful sheet pans once they take up residence in my

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Make It Better Yourself: In-N-Out Burgers

It happens at least once a week: Someone asks me if I miss living in California, a question I find

Dear Mary

Letters to the Editor: Reheating Pizza, Dinner-in-a-Box, Feel Good Vacations, Robot Vacuum

Every message that shows up in my inbox or on my desk, regardless of its contents, I take as proof

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Two Amazing New Kitchen Gadgets—Thaw Claw and FryWall

I’ve recently added two new gadgets to my kitchen that famed television chef Alton Brown would not be happy about