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Ask Me Anything | Toilet Rings, Co-Signing Student Loans, U.S. Census

Last week we kicked off a new feature, Ask Me Anything, in which I invite you do just that. Lots of readers

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Ask Me Anything | Power Dissolver, Deck Cleaner, Hotel Rooms

As you may know, and only because I mention it so often, I get a lot of mail. And up

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Cheap and Easy Upholstery Cleaner and Stick Vac Feedback

Getting a great deal on used chairs can quickly turn sour when it’s going to cost a lot of money to

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Turn Your Barbecue Grill into a Baking Oven

If you have an outdoor barbecue grill with a cover that closes over the top of the grill, you can

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How the Right Thermometer Makes Me Look Good in the Kitchen

Faithful readers know how much I love to cook. That has not always been the case. It was coming face-to-face