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Trucs in the Kitchen

Fast food runs, deli detours and a grocery carts loaded with pre-prepared food can drain a food budget faster than

Dear Mary, Money and Finances

How Much is a Second Income Worth, Really?

Most families these days assume it takes two incomes to survive. And many would be shocked if they just took

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Suddenly, It’s Spring!

Without a doubt, the best thing about living in Colorado is the change of seasons. The folks here live for

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The Frugal Lifestyle

I’ll admit I used to think frugality was a distasteful lifestyle forced upon the poor. I believed “frugal” was synonymous

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Thanks for Asking—You’re 1 in a 1000!

Years ago I had an editor who told me that I should value highly every letter I receive because each

Dear Mary

Refinance Credit-Card Debt? Short Sell an Auto? Yes and No!

These days, with so many resources available given the proliferation of the Internet, it’s not always easy to know who

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The No-Scrub Method for Sparkling Clean Coffee Carafes and More Great Reader Tips

There exist all kinds of methods for cleaning glass coffee carafes—most of them brought to us by hard working, super

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Reader Feedback: Instant Pot, Home Chef, Etiquette, Tap Water

I have the most loyal and responsive readers on earth. Every day I can count on my inbox filling up with your opinions,

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A Quick Fix to Keep the Plumber Away

If you’ve ever called a plumber to unclog a drain, you know it’s not cheap. Certainly there are times when the

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How to Move from Overspending to Spending Less

Even the mention of words like frugality and thrift send some people over the edge because, for them, those words conjure

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Cheapskate Etiquette: Cheap with Yourself Generous with Others

Face it. Living below your means requires a good bit of creativity from time to time. You have to get


Salt Stains on Leather Boots? Old Paint on Carpet? No Worries! And Lots More

Salt. It’s mandatory in a human diet. But salt can be as destructive as it is needful due to its

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Which is Better Fresh or Frozen?

Frozen fruits and vegetables take a lot of heat because most people assume that if it’s frozen it must be

Dear Mary, Money and Finances

Invest in Your Debt—It’s a Sure Thing with a Solid Return

Should I invest or pay off debt? That has to be at the top of the most common questions I

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Best Inexpensive™ Computer Printers

With so many technologies and capabilities available, choosing a printer isn’t easy. And don’t assume you’ll find the perfect printer

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Why I Can’t Bring Myself to Buy Salad Greens in a Bag

I don’t buy bagged double- or triple-wash or any other variety of prepared salad greens that come in a plastic clamshell

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Reader Feedback on Cordless Hand Vac, Instant Pot Single-Serve and Fresh AIR

Did you notice or read about yesterday’s massive Internet outage? As I fumbled and fumed over a variety of websites being down,