Yummy slice of homemade from-scratch chocolate macaroon bundt cake
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Finish Off a Great Meal With Cake

There’s nothing like following a great dinner with cake. It’s like the exclamation mark on a meal. I love to

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Ask Me Anything: Dirty Dishwasher, Charged-Off Debt

From dishwashers to debt, readers of this blog ask great questions. And if statistics can be trusted, we know that

us currency rolled in jar
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Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

Buying things when they’re on sale is a great way to avoid overspending. But unless you are diligent to take the

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Do You Hear the Bells?

The year was 1859 and Charles Dickens starts his classic A Tale of Two Cities with, It was the best

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Incredible Edible Gifts

Even if you still have 5 or 50 teachers, students, neighbors, co-workers, family friends, kids’ friends, classmates, cousins, uncles, aunts,

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9 Random Time- and Money-Saving Tips

From frozen key locks to hazy headlight covers, today I have a handful of completely unrelated household tips to entertain

Dear Mary

Letters to the Editor: Lo-Bak Trax, Bad Hair Days, ID Theft, Freezer Tricks, Pay it Forward, Simplify Christmas

I wish you could see my email inbox. No, wait. What I really mean is I’m grateful you can’t see

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Keeping Holiday Party Costs Under Control

Most of us, when we think of the cost of Christmas, think gifts. But there are so many other expenses

Boy taking donation box full with stuff to donate
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The Joy of Giving is Its Own Reward But a Tax Break is a Nice Bonus

Here’s a great way to let your children experience the joy of giving to others who may not be as

Two little blond sibling boys reading a book together in bed near Christmas tree.
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Living Books for Every Reader on Your Gift List

What are “living books?” They’re books that are so exciting, their content comes to life in an exciting and engaging way.

woman reading a book and drinking coffee
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Ask Me Anything: Linty Dryer Balls, Grease Relief, Fingerprints on Stainless Steel

Does this happen to you? You get so involved in doing something that you completely lose track of time? You’re shocked

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Thank You Notes: Never Out of Style

In these high-tech times when text-messaging and email are the preferred method of written communication, it might not have even

large family handing gifts to each other during a christmas dinner
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A Lavish Gift Exchange

When our boys were only toddlers, we and our best friends, who have three children just about the same ages

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Gifts from My Kitchen: Bacon Jam

When the holiday season arrives, the best gifts just might be from your kitchen. And when those gifts are extra

Three generations family opening Christmas Gifts and New Puppy!
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Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Young Professionals, College Students, Moms and Dads

Gift-giving is surely on everyone’s mind as we head into the final weeks before Christmas. Giving gifts is a wonderful

Beautiful white kitchen with gray quartz countertops
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The Case for Quartz Countertops

In a recent post, I suggested to a reader that quartz countertops would be a good choice in her quest

Repair area rug rubber backing with vinyl-latex caulk
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Ask Me Anything: Bath Mat Repair, Wood Cleaner, Keurig Safety

Got a slippery throw rug? A bathmat that’s lost its backing after one too many trips to the clothes dryer?

Beautiful Christmas gift basket filled with edibles
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Gift Solutions in a Basket

Gift baskets are a terrific gift solution for an individual or for an entire family. The first step is to pick

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Super Cool Gadgets and Electronic Gear

I love gadgets—anything that is clever, innovative, useful and reasonably priced. Gadgets make great gifts, especially when totally unexpected. I just

Husband and wife have mixed emotions over driving and old car
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Ask Me Anything: Lease or Buy, Laundry Detergent Confusion

Pop quiz: What do car leases and laundry detergent have in common? Both can be confusing! Just ask today’s readers

young woman with a shocked expression examining a document with a magnifying glass
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The Fine Print: Deal With It!

Never trust the flashy print, the cool logos or the enticing promises of a credit-card or other consumer credit application.

Carpet surgery
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When All Else Fails, Carpet Surgery

Carpet stains are near the top of my personal list of pet peeves. I’m not talking about an accidental spill

Cyber Monday Everyday Cheapskate
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Cutting Through the Hype to Find Some Decent Cyber Monday Deals!

For me, Black Friday wasn’t black at all. It was Fun Friday at a local family fun center with my

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Stay Calm and Make Your Own Mixes

Checking one of my email inboxes this morning (I have several) made my heart race and my head spin. Hundreds

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The Power of Thanks

It’s been a few years now since one of my staff members, Kim Penrose, was so excited she couldn’t wait

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How to Remove Rust Stains from Just About Anything

If there’s one subject that shows up in my inbox more often than any other, it has to be rust.

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Toys for Kids

I saw it on Facebook and it made me laugh out loud. I want to use this in the invitations to

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Christmas Gifts From My Instant Pot: Candied Lemon

I’ve never gotten into the whole Black Friday retail extravaganza. Might be because I’m not a fan of crowds, chaos,