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The Crockpot Casserole Slow Cooker: A Review

A few weeks ago I told you that I would be testing and then reviewing the 3.5-Quart Crockpot Casserole Slow

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Survival Debt

For years I’ve been telling my readers there are two kinds of debt: safe debt and toxic debt. Safe debt is


No More Sleeping Through the Alarm and Other Favorite Tips

Surprise! Today, instead of sharing tips you’ve sent to me, I’ve decided to hog the entire column to share some

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Make Your Own Mixes to Save Time and Money

I suppose that for many readers, the idea of making your own mixes and pantry items from scratch might seem

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Ways to Use a FoodSaver That Have Nothing To Do with Food

My vacuum sealer is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I vacuum seal fresh fruit to extend the useful by

Dog sticking head in dirty laundry
Dear Mary, Laundry

Get Pet Hair and Fragrance Build-Up Out of the Laundry

DEAR MARY: I am one of your millions of fans. Your insight, tips, products and recipes are terrific. Thank you

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How to Child-Proof a Forbidden Door Plus More Great Reader Tips

If you’ve ever had the need to prevent children from closing a door and unwittingly closing themselves in a pantry

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Make It Yourself—Cheaper, Better and Faster!

Since the day I learned to make my own homemade laundry detergent (it did take a few attempts to reach

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Fabulous Slow Cooker Summer…Salads! Plus My Salsa Recipe

I have to admit it. Just the idea of a slowly cooked salad makes me queazy. Thankfully, that’s not exactly

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Compulsive Chopper

I just did something I have not done in years. I took the weekend—plus the holiday—off. It was wonderful. Had

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Best Time to Buy a Computer, Where to Buy a TracFone and How to De-Smoke a Microwave

There was a time when grabbing the best prices was all about where and when you shopped. Savvy shoppers would wait all

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Easy Ways to Plan for College, Save Money, Read Books and Carpool the Kids, Too!

BIG FUTURE. Planning for college? is a website set up by the College Board to help students navigate the

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Surprising Ways to Use a Slow Cooker that Have Nothing To Do with Food

They’re bulky and take up precious cabinet space, but we’ll never get rid of our slow cookers. They can be

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Time to Hit the Road for a Family Vacation

Some of the best times we had when our boys were young were those spent on family vacations. Being together

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The Cost of Dipping Into a Retirement Account

More people are taking loans from their retirement accounts—(401(k), 403(b) or what have you—than ever, simply because they can. Here’s

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More Super Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow cookers, what’s not to love? Up until a few days ago I was smuggly confident I had a very