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Three Free Life-Improving Resources

If you are generally wary of free stuff, I’m right there with you. Most of the time, I’ve found, free

Dear Mary

Slipcovers Can Be a Bear to Keep Clean

I have the most prolific mailbox in the universe—I’m sure of it. Just today I was responding to messages I

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Immersion Therapy for Mobile Phone Droppers

A mid-west sewer authority did a study and came up with data suggesting that 19 percent of people admit to


How to Win the Warehouse Club Game

They’re big, they’re filled with temptation and millions of people shell out fifty bucks a year on average to be

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Eight Things to Do With a Tax Refund

It’s easy to see a tax refund as some kind of gift from the universe. It’s not. It is a

Mary's Perspective, Money and Finances

Lessons We Can Learn from the Madoff Scandal

In my mind as a fifth-grader, Mr. James M. Migaki was the smartest man to have ever lived. Every day

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Muffins and “Tulips” to Celebrate Spring

In just a bit I am going to give away all my secrets for how to make muffins that are so great

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Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month

The title, Once a Month Cooking, made me laugh. Cook once a month? I didn’t need a book to do

Dear Mary, Laundry

Readers Question HE Detergent, Flaxseed Oil and Dental Savings Plans

DEAR MARY: I have been making and using your concentrated laundry detergent for several years now and love saving money

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A Shoemaker Can Save Your Sole—and More

To some people a cobbler is a lovely fruit dessert, best when served warm. To others it is a shoemaker

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Beware of this Risk with Gift Cards

Gift cards have become the go-to gift for millions of people. They might seem like the perfect present because it’s

Dear Mary

Mix Up Your Own Vinegar, Donate the Hotel Toiletries

DEAR MARY: I’ve noticed that on the gallon jug of white vinegar it says “mixed with water to a 5%

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How to Make Brown Bagging Better Than Buying Lunch

I know people who try to convince themselves they can buy lunch every day for less than they’d spend if

Mary's Perspective, Money and Finances

Money is Not for Spending

It took me a long time to fully understand this important truth: Money is not for spending. It is for managing

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Fitness on a Budget

Recently I got a frantic letter from Barbara C., who lives in Florida. It seems that her teenage son has

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Incredibly Edible Eggs

They’re packed with nutritional goodness, available almost everywhere and relatively cheap when compared to the soaring cost of other proteins

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Readers Want to Know the Best Inexpensive Appliances

DEAR MARY: What is the best refrigerator brand overall? We are ready to purchase a French-door style refrigerator with water