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The Secret of Cheap and Healthy Meals

Want to keep your food costs low even during these times of rising costs? Stick to these rules: 1) Set

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A Simple Meal to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Twenty-four years ago on March 17, I surprised my DPL staff by bringing a homemade meal to the office to

Dear Mary

Got Books You No Longer Need or Want? Turn ‘Em Into Cash!

DEAR MARY: I have a lot of books I’d like to get rid of—mostly on the subject of internet technology

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Repair—Don’t Replace—and Pocket the Savings and More!

Not all companies are starving for business these days. In fact, some are setting records for increased business. Any kind

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Death by Clothes Dryer, One Load at a Time

You should see the big wad of lint I just plucked from the trap of my clothes dryer. Ack! Where

Dear Mary

When it Comes to Paying Federal Student Loans, Do Not Assume Anything

There is no doubt that student loans can be troubling for the debt that they create for both students and

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A Pizza Challenge

There are some who consider pizza the perfect food. It has complex carbohydrates, vegetables, dairy and protein. Okay, maybe “perfect”

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10 Things You Need to Know About Life Insurance

A couple of weeks ago I received a message from one of my readers that sent a chill down my

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How to Beat the College Debt Trap Plus a GIVEAWAY!

Over the holidays, I was chatting with my sister-in-law, a financial advisor with a highly respected Fortune 100 financial services


How to Squirrel-Proof a Bird Feeder

Recently, I had the occasion to shop for a bird feeder for a dear friend. I learned quickly that squirrels

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Who Else Remembers Having a Savings Account Passbook?

I must be feeling especially nostalgic today because I want to talk about bank accounts. And the passing of passbooks.


It Pays to Pay Attention

Do you know the scanning error policies of the stores and restaurants you frequent most often? If you’ve never thought

Dear Mary

Sometimes You Need Magic to Remove Stubborn Stains

DEAR MARY: I can’t get the coffee stains out of the basket of my Mr. Coffee coffee maker, nor can I get

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How I Inadvertently Saved the Day for One Historic San Francisco Hotel

In the two decades since founding Debt-Proof Living (formerly Cheapskate Monthly), I’ve logged more than 1.5 million air miles for book tours, speaking

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What to Do When There’s More Month Than Money

You’ve lost your job or for some other reason don’t have enough money to pay all of your bills. Which

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10 Ways to Say I Love You That Don’t Cost a Dime

Long ago in my stupid days I went nuts with credit cards. I ran up a 6-figure debt over a

Dear Mary

Some Smelly Situations Require Extra Toil and Patience

It is rare, but now and then I hear from a reader who is frustrated using one of my all-time

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Water Bath Keeps Lemons Fresh and Other Great Reader Tips

I’m a lucky woman. Once a month my husband and I make a quick trip to California to tend to

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On Saving Money and Spreading Manure

As you may know, the mission of this blog is to discover ways to save time and money every day.