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Know Thy Dishwasher

I would like to thank Josephine Cochrane of Illinois. I’d like to, but I can’t. She’s been dead for more

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Let’s Talk Induction Cooking, Shall We?

I have to tell you that receiving the following message put the biggest smile on my face. Induction cooking? Oh

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DIY Holiday Gift Idea: Spa in a Jar

If you are at all familiar with a wonderful yet pricey personal care product, Salt Rub® by Origins, you may

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Updates on Einstein Coat, Household Inventory and That Urge to Quit

There are some people in my life who accuse me of having a short attention span. They don’t get much

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The High Cost of Dirty HVAC Filters

Do I have a story to tell you—another lesson I’ve learned the hard way so you won’t have to. Truth

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To Your Stress-Free Holiday

Whether you are invited or doing the inviting this holiday season, throwing a potluck can relieve a lot of stress.

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Extended Warranties Almost Always a Bad Deal

A couple of weeks ago I took my grandsons to Toys R Us just to look around. This would be

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Happy Birthday to My Workhorse, Hoover

I call him Hoover and he’s worked hard for me since the day I hauled his long, lanky self into

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Widen the Gap with Homemade Bread

If you’ve read my book, 7 Money Rules for Life, you know that Rule #1 is so simple it would be easy

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Foolproof Plan for Saving $10,000

The most important thing you can do to make your personal economy strong is to have an umbrella—a Contingency Fund

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Would You Rather … ?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about (what else?) debt. It’s not the most joyous thing to have on one’s

woman upset by Christmas credit-card debt
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How to Do Christmas Without Debt—Plus a GIVEAWAY!

If you are, or ever have been plagued by consumer debt, I can nearly guarantee expenses related to Christmas have

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Wallpaper Removal—It’s a Messy Job!

A letter in my inbox this week sent me into hyper memory mode. For a few minutes I re-lived that

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Best Inexpensive Sewing Machines

Turning 7 years old is a big deal on its own but for me it was even better because I

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How I Curb the Urge to Quit

I wouldn’t tell just anyone what I’m about to tell you—and only because we’re like family. At least several times

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A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money

The One-Page Financial Plan (Portfolio / Penguin 2015) by Carl Richards Reviewer: Jeff Tompkins, Jr. My mother often describes my personality as


Fabric Softener Products are the Problem Not the Solution

In the laundry room, most of us are prone to overkill. We want beautifully clean, brilliantly white, soft and fluffy

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Now, Let’s Take a Few Questions from the Audience

Have I told you lately about my email inbox? It’s a mess. And today I’m ready to clean it up

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A Dozen Painless Ways to Save $50 or More

Money may not grow on trees, but we can help it grow in our wallets. Recently I asked a group

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How to Create the “Dirty Denim” Look

Are your teens hounding you for the hot look known as “dirty denim?” Okay, so you like it too. I won’t