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How to Pay Your Bills Without A Paycheck

The most important thing you can do to make your personal economy strong is to have an umbrella—a Contingency Fund,

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How to Get More of Your Favorite Fast Food for Less (Even Free)

In these days of rising food prices it’s fun to keep a bevy of money-saving tips and tricks up your

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How to Rescue Fabric and Clothes from the Stench of Mothballs

I love fabric and fine textiles of all kinds, but mostly I love cotton goods—cotton sheets, cotton quilts. You might say

Mary's Perspective, Money and Finances

How to Live the Life You Love on Your Current Income

I’ll never forget the time I asked one of my young piano students what he wanted for Christmas. It was

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This Year’s Homemade Holiday Gifts: A Preview

A couple of weeks ago on the very same day I heard from two friends (you know who you are Andrea

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Don’t Let Lunch Eat a Hole in Your Future

If you were to be hit with a major economic crisis right now, would you be prepared? The vast majority

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How to Set Up an Automatic Payment Plan

Creditors, especially banks and credit card issuers, are unbelievably sensitive to whether you pay your bills on time. So is

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Pressure Cookers are Back Safer than Ever

Pressure cookers, those big monster pots we recall from childhood, are making a big comeback, and bringing good news with

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Help! Mom’s in Financial Trouble, Leather Seats are Hopelessly Stained and Need Recipe for Window Cleaner

Dear Mary: I read stories about parents with grown children who constantly need bailouts. What do you do when it’s

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Become a Kitchen Magician with Leftovers

Famed chef Julia Child preferred to call them “remains of the day.” To the rest of us, they’re just leftovers.

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Blown Out Vacuums and Teen Clothing Allowance

Dear Mary: Back in 2012, you posted an article in Everyday Cheapskate regarding blowing out your third Hoover Wind Tunnel

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Steps to Take When Your Identity is Stolen

While it’s not something most of us choose to think about, the truth is that identity theft remains the fastest

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Join a CSA for Your Health and Your Wealth

Being a savvy consumer can mean a lot of things. It can refer to a person who knows how to

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Living Below Your Means is the Only Way to Live

Being thought of as cheap was to me the ultimate insult. I equated frugality with digging through dumpsters in search

Mary's Perspective

The Fine Art of the Effective Complaint

Are you ever frustrated with customer service? Have you been ripped off, taken to the cleaners, hung out to dry

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How to Beef Up Home Security on the Cheap

As a kid growing up, I lived in a house with security that rivaled Fort Knox. Every exterior opening was fitted with

Dear Mary

Hail Damage is Bad but Better than Owing Money to the IRS

Dear Mary: I was wondering how you feel about depending on homeowners insurance for getting a roof replacement. I have

Dear Mary

Questions About Down Comforters and Inexpensive Vacuums

Dear Mary: I love your articles, and I have learned so much from you about which products to purchase. I