Holidays and Special Occasions

Holiday Head Start

During these lazy days of summer I can imagine that Christmas is the farther thing from your mind! And why

Cleaning, Home & Family

How to Make Ugly Soap Scum, Mildew and Water Marks Disappear Like Magic

When all three messages landed in my inbox on the same day, the problem of soap scum, mildew and hard

Food & Recipes

Frozen Summer Treats are Cool

In these sizzling days of summer it’s tempting to load up the freezer with pricey frozen treats. Or to duck


How to Double the Life of Cut Flowers

Whether the flowers are from your garden, the market or you receive them as a gift, you can persuade cut


Of Samples, Spills and Substitutes

Whether it’s making sure a mailing label remains legible all the way to its destination or packing light for vacation,

Home & Family

Keep Your Cool in the Heat of Summer

Now that the summer heat is bearing down, millions of window-mounted air conditioners are getting a real workout. And many

Dear Mary

A Startling Red-Hot Alert Made My Day

Some days I sit down to write this column and the words pour from my mind through my fingers and onto

Guest Post, Money and Finances

What That Life Insurance Agent Isn’t Telling You

There are many things we all hate paying for. Insurance is one of them. Worse than paying for it is


Readers Share Creative Solutions for Chains, Stains, Sprains and More

CREATIVE GIFTING. My teenage grandchildren don’t want “stuff” any more—they want cash! And I understand; being a teenager can be

Best Inexpensive, Home & Family, Money and Finances

Money-Savers That Will Pay for Themselves in a Year

There’s a big difference between simply buying things and investing in things that will actually pay for themselves—provided that you are

Automobiles, Dear Mary

When Driving a Lemon is Easier Than Getting Rid of It

Dear Mary: We have an aging car that is a lemon. We are keeping it going with bailing wire until

Dear Mary

How to Get Sparkle in a Vase, Cheap Into Pest Control and Piddle Out of Carpet

Dear Mary: I have a beautiful crystal vase that over the years has acquired a build-up of residue that I

Food & Recipes, Home & Family

More Ways to Slash Your Food Bill

Could you use an extra $25 or $50 next week? If you get motivated there’s a big chance you can

Outdoors and Garden

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control for Home and Garden

Recently, a friend sent me an S.O.S. asking if I knew of any natural way to rid an apartment of

Mary's Perspective, Miscellaneous

Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do

Financial discouragement plagues all of us from time to time. If you’re discouraged about your situation today, there are some

Food & Recipes

It’s All About that Sauce

Sometime ago, I posted an impromptu fan poll on our Facebook page asking, “What is your greatest financial temptation?” Answer

Home & Family

Feedback on Tuft & Needle: It’s All Good

Dear Mary: You recently had an interesting discussion on mattresses that mentioned the Tuft & Needle mattress. Did you get

Home & Family

My Five Favorite TV Shows

I used to watch a lot of television. I’d have it on all the time, rarely watching a full show

Food & Recipes, Home & Family

The Scoop on Free Ice Cream

Is there anything better than ice cream on a hot summer day? Well, yes there is—FREE ice cream! And I’ve

Best Inexpensive, Dear Mary

Carpeted Stairs Challenge and Old Furniture Rescue

Dear Mary: I am going to have to buy a new vacuum cleaner soon and wanted to know your thoughts