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The $150 Starter Kitchen

Know anyone getting ready to move into their first apartment? Whether it’s a  recent college grad, newlyweds or maybe it’s you

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Of Culinary Lore and Exceptional Marketing

Quite possibly my favorite thing about writing this column is the mountain of reader feedback it produces. I have the best

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6 Ways Money CAN Buy Happiness

I believe it’s true that money cannot buy happiness. Think about all the miserable people you’ve read about—celebrities, professional athletes, perhaps friends or

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How to Keep a Keurig Coffee Maker Making Coffee (Even if You Think It’s Broken)

If you own a Keurig coffee maker and if it started out brewing a full cup of coffee then turned

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Store Fresh Produce in Glass Jars and Other Cheapskate Solutions

Dear Mary: I enjoy your column every day and love the tips and tricks to save and spend less. I

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4 Big Money Mistakes to Avoid

I’m going to guess you’ve made a financial mistake or two in your life. Who hasn’t? For some of us,

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Getting Soaked: Good for Bedspread, Bad for Retirement Account

Dear Mary: I have an heirloom bedspread that is about 60 years old, embroidered with wool yarn by my grandmother. There

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The Pain and Pleasure Principle

I don’t care much for pain. In fact I’ll do almost anything to avoid it. I also know that pain


The Cheapest Way to Own a Car

There is nothing quite so expensive as a brand-new car. There are times, rare though they be, when financing a new

Glass coffee carafe before and after cleaning with salt and ice
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Try This Old Restaurant Cleaning Trick

Ever leave the coffee pot on overnight only to wake to a blackened, burnt on mess? Can’t get rid of the


Cucumbers in Plastic Wrap, and More Great Reader Tips!

I think it’s universally understood that a red flag means stop or some variation of caution. A green flag, on

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So You Think You Can’t Save?

According to Moody Analytics, young Americans have stopped saving money and by young we are talking about adults under age

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The Other Gift-Giving Season

Most of us think of December as the big gift-giving season of the year. But there is another and it