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The Story of Soilove

For years I thought I was the only person who knew about  something called Soilove. I first discovered it back in 1982 while


Keep Produce Fresh Weeks Longer

Fews things are as discouraging as opening that refrigerator drawer only to see the produce you just bought (seems like

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From Chuck Roast to “Prime Rib” in Three Hours Flat

Shortly after this column posted on the specific steps to roast a cheap cut of beef so that it turns

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Garage-Sale Proof the Gifts You Give

Recently, lots of families in my new neighborhood got together to host a colossal Neighborhood Garage Sale. I didn’t participate

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14 Mother’s Day Gifts to Fit Every Budget

Since Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away, and since I’m a mom and many of you are

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My Perfect Kitchen Trash Can and Perfectly Cheap Trash Bags, Too!

I know “hate” is a strong word, but that’s how I feel about trash. Can’t stand it. But my loathing

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How to Win Over Temptation

If you’ve ever stopped by the store to pick up milk and walked out with a week’s worth of snacks

Dear Mary, Money and Finances

How to Handle a Money Crisis

You know what to do in a medical emergency, but do you know what to do when faced with a

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Simple Rules to Live By

I have a quirk, a kind of brain glitch that annoys me to no end. I cannot easily distinguish left

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How to Feed a Crowd and Not Go Broke

Graduation parties, rehearsal dinners, family reunions—it’s the season for large gatherings. If feeding lots of people has you in a

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Don’t Rely on Vinegar to Disinfect

Dear Mary: What is a safe disinfectant for colored clothes, such as underwear and bath towels? I can’t use chlorine

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More Little Ways to Save Time and Money

CLOG-FREE PET WASH. When giving your dog or cat a bath in the sink, cut a circle the size of

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Satisfaction: Your Basic Consumer Right

Statistically speaking, chances are slim-to-none that you consistently avail yourself of the most fundamental of all financial principles—to get what

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

If it was easy to get out of debt, no one would have credit-card balances, student debt or personal loans.

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Easter Brunch on a Budget

It seemed like such a great idea several weeks ago when you invited the entire clan to your place for

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Affordable Skin Care

It had to be a typo, even though I know that national magazines have proofreaders so they don’t release issues

Dear Mary

Help! My Fridge is Making Icky Ice

Dear Mary: I hope you can help me. My furniture was in storage for six months. Everything was fine before