Guest Post

Stop Getting Scammed and Ripped Off!

I have spent 20 years interviewing thousands of people who’ve fallen for scams and ripoffs. I’ve interviewed hundreds of criminals,

Home & Family

10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Grad

I call it gift anxiety. It’s the uneasy feeling you get when you want to give a really nice graduation gift to

Food & Recipes, Tips

Novel Ideas to Make Cooking Fun and Rewarding

There’s just something satisfying about knowing how to make perfectly uniform meatballs, chocolate mousse, or baked potatoes in half the

Home & Family, Travel and Entertainment

My Four-Ounce Travel Buddy

Travel is not what it used to be. Having flown 1.5 million miles in the past 20 years, I’ve seen

Mary's Perspective

Tax Refund: Not a Good Thing

A friend of mine is the comptroller of a small corporation. As such, she is required to handle all aspects

Guest Post

3 Steps to Slash Your Internet and Pay-TV Rates

If you are one of the millions of consumers paying for TV and Internet service from a major telecom provider,

Dear Mary

Divorce Decrees Mean Nothing to the IRS

Dear Mary: I am recently married and my husband owes the IRS $23,000 in back taxes for tax year 2010.

Outdoors and Garden, Tips

Carpet the Garden and Other Clever Reader Tips

NO MORE WEEDS. Some years ago we decided to set out 18 tomato plants and–wouldn’t you know it?–the area we

Food & Recipes, Home & Family

Chicken Labeling: Prepare to be Surprised

– If you’ve ever stood in the supermarket wondering if paying more for chicken that is free-range, antibiotic-free, no hormones

Mary's Perspective

When You’re Stuck and Can’t Get Going

– A question I receive nearly every day goes something like this: I’m ready to take back control of my finances.

Food & Recipes

Just One Pound Makes a Meal

– Last week I had the perfect opportunity to test a tip sent in by reader: “Before you pay full

Dear Mary

Best Location for Potato Storage

– I don’t really have a mail bag but it would be fun if I did. What I do have


Little Ways to Save Big

– Wash it yourself. Don’t assume you have to send certain items to the dry cleaner—it pays to look at


Fabulous Household Cleaners You Can Make Yourself

It pretty much kills me to spend money to pay for things I know I can make myself for less.

Mary's Perspective

Cheapskate, Who Me?

– Some people think the word cheapskate is an insult. Not me. I enjoy being called a cheapskate. It reminds

Food & Recipes

Make Your Own Spreadable Butter

– You’ve seen the little tubs of “spreadable butter” in the dairy case of your supermarket. In fact you may

Dear Mary

Groceries and the Dating Game

– Dear Mary: Can you clarify expiration dates on food products? When it says “Sell By 8/01/14” does that mean

Pets, Tips

Do-it-Yourself Pet Meds and More Reader Tips

– I love to read my mail because so much of it contains great ideas and tips from my awesome

Food & Recipes, Home & Family

Smart Saving Tastes Like Chicken

– With the price of beef skyrocketing, now more than ever, chicken is is becoming the backbone of the frugal

Mary's Perspective, Money and Finances

5 Rules to Build Wealth

– At the tender age of 11, I made a solemn vow that when I grew up I was going

Food & Recipes, Money and Finances

Eat Healthy, Save Money

There exists a belief among many people that when it comes to feeding one’s family, if it’s cheap it cannot