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Careful, the Kids Are Watching

– If you speak English in your home, your kids are not likely to come out speaking Italian. Kids learn

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Start Saving, Just Do It!

– A recent column brought a flood of messages to my inbox, most of them with the same message that

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19 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Mom

– Since Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away and since I have a feeling you’re as surprised by

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Not Saving At a Greater Rate than Ever

– We Americans are bent on spending and that is supposed to be a good thing. It drives our economy.

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Got Five Minutes? Bake Bread!

  It’s been seven years since I became a bread maker. I read a book, gave it a try and

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Turn Your Junk to Cash in a Weekend

  The Wall Street Journal has estimated the annual yield from garage sales to be around $2 billion. Isn’t it

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Debt Consolidation Can Be Deceiving

  To the person drowning in debt, a debt-consolidation loan looks a lot like a lifesaver. But reaching for it

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The 7-Day All Cash Challenge

  This morning while waiting for my car to fill up I put the time to good use. I read

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How to Prepare Perfect Salad Greens

  I was way off base when I guessed “egg-gathering basket.” Leslie Hindman, host of the TV show,  Appraisal Fair,

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Can Heirs Inherit Frequent Flyer Miles?

  Dear Mary: I traveled for a living for many years and racked up quite a few frequent flyer miles


Load up on Free eBooks for Your Digital Reader

  If you’re confused by the world of digital books and eReaders, here’s a quick tutorial to get you up

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Airfares and Frequent Flyer Programs Changing Rapidly

  I travel a lot—nearly 1.4 million miles on American Airlines alone. I can’t claim to be an expert on

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One Powerful Personal Finance Tool

  The most powerful financial tool you have at your disposal is your ability to control and choose your thoughts.

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Protect the Kids from Identity Thieves, Too

  Faithful readers may recall from a recent column that one of my staff members, Max, has been contending with


A Bridal Bargain Spot to Love and More Great Reader Tips

  WEDDING BARGAINS. When I worked in a bridal shop in Florida, we bought all of our jewelry, gloves, veils

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College Students: Have I Got a Plan for You

  Recently I spent a few days on the campus of a private university in the mid-west. I was there

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Is Homemade Detergent Safe to Use in Today’s Washing Machines?

  Dear Mary: Today a Sears repairman came to put a new part in my washing machine. He saw soap

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How to be Prepared, Not Scared

  We get so many earthquakes in Southern California, we’re on first-name basis with the world-renown seismologist at California Institute

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Tips to Slash the Food Bill

  Food prices have increased so dramatically in recent years, a trip to the supermarket is enough to ruin your