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Decadent Dips Make the Super Bowl Super

  I have to be honest about sports. I’m there for the good times: World Series, Olympics and of course

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How to Buy a Mattress

What I know about how to buy a mattress I’ve learned from the best: Insiders who have retired from the

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Turn Kids’ Clutter Into an Art Show

  I am always entertained and often educated by the tips readers mail in. Today is no exception. I’m pretty

stopwatch set at 15 minutes
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15 Minutes is Worth More Than You Think

Want to stop spending so much of your hard earned money on utility bills? Check out these clever gadgets that

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Don’t Use it, Need it or Enjoy it? Unload it!

  What would you do if you had to actually use—or at least enjoy—everything you own? Truth be told, most

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Make Your Own Mixes for Just Pennies

  In a recent column at a reader’s request, I offered a recipe for beef gravy mix. The responses poured

Dear Mary

How a Simple Request Turned Into $1,000 Savings

  Dear Mary: In a recent column, a reader wrote saying it didn’t work to call her credit card company


The Secret in Great Spaghetti Sauce

  Every week, reader tips arrive in my inbox and my mail box, too. Without fail, there’s at least one

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Get a New Grocery Shopping Attitude

  1. Exercise patience. Instead of buying items when you run out, watch for bargain prices on products you want

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Step Into the Naughty Corner

  Americans are up to their eyeballs in credit-card debt. The average household with debt now owes nearly $9,000 on

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Homemade Soup on a Cold Wintry Day

  You know what they say—everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it! That always makes

Dear Mary

Colleges Beginning to Offer Student Debt Safety Net

  Dear Mary: Mary, thank you for your service to America. I’ve enjoyed your column and books for more years than

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With Kids, Travel Kit Can Save the Day

  Whether it’s anticipating a backseat disaster, coming up with a quick dinner solution or keeping memories alive, our Readers

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How to Shovel Snow

  Surely the winter of 2014 will go down in the history books for breaking numerous records and for teaching

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What Can I Make With THAT?!

  If your refrigerator is at all like mine, it harbors an odd assortment leftovers and “almost gones!” So what

Dear Mary

How to Remove Non-Skid Bathtub Appliqués

  Dear Mary: Could you tell me how to remove non-skid appliqués from the surface of a bathtub? They were


Here it is … another batch of really terrific reader tips.

  ONE HOT DATE. Our village does not offer garbage pick up as a municipal service so residents can contract

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Three Helpful FREE Websites You Can Trust

  With its incredible and constantly growing reach, the Internet has so much to offer. But beware. Not everything you

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3 Money Mistakes to Avoid

  I’m going to guess you’ve made a financial mistake or two in your life. Who hasn’t? For some of


Gourmet Coffee on the Cheap

  I must be the luckiest gal in the world. I’m the one who gets to look into the mail

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Get Paid to Donate Your Stuff

  If you itemize your tax return, you probably know that you are allowed to deduct the fair market value