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An Ounce of Prevention is Cheaper than a Pound of Cure

  If the terms Snowden, NSA and “top secret information” ring a bell, it’s possible that you follow the national

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Apples of the Fall

  I love autumn. And I mean everything about it—the colors, the smells, the feel in the air. And the

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Of New Books and Baby Elephants

  I am so excited. In just a few weeks my new book will be released. The Smart Woman’s Guide

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Don’t Let Fido and Frisky Bust the Budget

  Got pets? Then you also have costs for everything from food to toys, grooming and perhaps even daycare from

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The Glaring Light of Reality

  Something’s wrong. According to a 2012 survey, 92 percent of women of all ages in this country don’t feel

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A Long, Dark Night of Denial

  I have been waiting for this day because I have something to tell you. I’ve been holding a secret.

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Make Your Own Groceries: Salad Dressing

  If you read the list of ingredients on the back of prepared food products and wonder what they are


No Green Thumb Required

  I love houseplants and boy, do I have some beauties! The truth is I don’t have a green thumb,


Put Your Freezer To Work

  Whether you have a stand alone unit or yours is part of your refrigerator, your freezer is either costing

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Money-Saving Investments for the Kitchen

  I’m crazy about gadgets—everything from quirky can openers to smartphones. Hand me a Swiss Army knife and I’m in

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I’d Rather Have the Money, Bob

  Did you see us? My husband Harold and I were on TV with Bob Barker. Before you run to

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Make Your Own Fast-Food

  Tired of high-fat, high-cost fast-food breakfasts? I’ve got a fantastic solution: Quick and easy Designer Muffins. With a little

Dear Mary

Help! My White Leather Couch Reeks

Dear Mary: I found a GREAT deal on a gorgeous couch at an estate sale. It is upholstered in white


Cut Flowers 101

  Whether your cut flowers come through the back door (from your garden) or the front (supermarket, Costco, florist-delivered) you

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When Not to File an Insurance Claim

  Insurance is a funny thing. You pay a small fortune to get it and keep it. Then if you

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The Power of Scarcity

  Years ago I had a frugality wake-up call—something I admit to needing from time to time. It’s so easy

Dear Mary

Honey, I Shrunk Your Sweater!

  Dear Mary: Thank you for your many helpful articles. In a past column you wrote about how to un-shrink

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The Best Inexpensive Overnight Deal in The OC

  I have traveled a lot in the past 22 years. My American Airlines account shows more than 1.3 million