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Strategic Packing Prevents Travel Misery

  It’s happened to us more than once. We’ll arrive at our destination, but not so for all of our

Mary's Perspective, Money and Finances

Six Common Money Blunders

  I could be wrong but I’m going to guess you’ve made a money blunder or two in your life.

Food & Recipes

The Perfectly Peeled Peach (Recipes, Too!)

  At this moment I’m finding it difficult to think of anything more luscious than a perfectly ripe peach, dripping

Dear Mary

May I Speak to Mr. Fido, Please?

  Dear Mary: A friend told me that you are charged a fee if you want your phone number to


Slash the High Cost of Gas

  I can sum up my response to the high cost of gasoline in just one word: Aargh! While waiting

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The Best Slow Cookers are Amazingly Affordable

  The year after I was married in 1970, the Rival Co. introduced a new kitchen appliance, the Crock Pot.

Mary's Perspective

Lighten Up!

  As flights go, it was ordinary. Still, the trip stands out in my memory as one of my all-time

Dear Mary, Kids and Babies

The Joys of Raising Financially Confident Teens

  Dear Mary: I just read the letter from 13-year-old Abby about teaching kids financial responsibility. I did this with

Shopping, Tips

Shop Twice, Buy Once

  Every week I invite readers of this column to send me their clever tips for how to save time

Mary's Perspective

What You Need to Know to Refinance Your Mortgage

  Over the past several months, mortgage interest rates have begun creeping higher. It’s not too late to refinance to

Food & Recipes

Healthy Snacks for Hungry Kids

  My loyal readers may recall a past column in which I offered suggestions for how to sneak healthy foods


Over-Cooked Vegetables Find a New Purpose

  Choosing to live more frugally does not require that you abandon your personal standards for things like perfectly prepared

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Laptop Computer So Inexpensive You’ll Think It’s a Misprint

  You’ve heard it and you may even believe it—that you get what you pay for. While that may be

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Factory Fun on Family Vacations

  Planning a family vacation? Factory tours can make for great vacation fun especially when the company manufactures something kids

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Mashed Potatoes with a Twist

  What’s fat-free, cholesterol-free, high in vitamin C, vitamin B6 and potassium, a great source of dietary fiber and dirt