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Take Time to Consider the Consequences

  Oops! There was an issue in our formatting on last Friday’s EC. In case you were confused, the BBQ

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The Easiest 4th of July Barbecue Ever

  On the off chance that your fear-of-ruining-a-pile-of-ribs keeps your backyard grilling events  stuck in hamburger mode, you can let

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Money Pit or Home Sweet Home?

  Sometimes, home sweet home can seem like a money pit. But your house doesn’t have to cost you tons

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The Best Inexpensive Stroller

One of the best money management tools I know is this Rule of Thumb: Match quality with need. In other words,

Mary's Perspective

3 Steps to Take When You Feel Like Giving Up

  Ever feel like you’re almost to the end of your rope and you just cannot hang on another minute?

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Mother Nature’s Finest Beauty Product

  We know it’s important to check the ingredients on food products, but have you ever thought of checking your

Dear Mary

Paralyzed by Too Many Choices

  Dear Mary: I am looking to purchase a new dishwasher as my 10-year-old GE model is leaking and will

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Hawaiian Sliders: Perfect on the Grill

Have I got a treat for you. I’d have you close your eyes and hold out your hands, but we’ll

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8 Words to Change Your Life

  You hear it all the time, but do you know what it means to live below your means? Have

Dear Mary

Pay-As-You-Earn Repayment Plan May Offer Relief

Dear Mary: At age 46 I went back to school and chose University of Phoenix because I could go to


Readers Chime in with Great Tips for Summer

  GRAPE ICE. Frozen grapes work like ice cubes to chill white wine or other summer drinks, but without watering


How I Dry Cleaned My Windows

  I have this thing for clean windows. I love them, which means I have an equal but opposite disdain

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A Letter from 13-Year Old Abby

  Dear Mrs. Mary Hunt: My name is Abby. I am 13-years old. So, my mom got your book, Raising

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Our EC 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide!

  Don’t panic. Father’s Day is a week from Sunday. You still have time to get ready but you need


How to Keep Lettuce Fresh for Weeks

  Some tips that land in my email box are instantly recognizable as winners. But some leave me wondering, will

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How to Book a Hotel Room for Less

  The secret to grabbing a great hotel accommodation at a price far less than the company’s “rack rate,” is

Mary's Perspective

The Great Mystery of Household Accumulation

Have you ever noticed that no matter the size of your apartment, condominium, house, garage, drawers, closets, hard drive, handbag