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3 Ways to Boost Your Credit Scores

Your 780 credit score might not be as great as you think it is. It all depends on which credit

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Picture Perfect Beverages for Bridal and Baby Showers

Through the years, I’ve hosted a number of what I would characterize very ambitious Bridal and Baby Showers. And a

Dear Mary

Why You Should Never Be Late Paying Your Rent

Dear Mary: In one of your columns that I read years ago (Which Bills to Pay When You Cannot Pay


Salad Plates Chilled Out and Ready to Go

You know what I really like, okay pretty much love? A perfectly chilled salad plate and salad fork. That to

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Three Little Ways to Save Big

Think you’ve cut your expenses all you possibly can? You might be wrong. Check out these simple ways you can

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6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Retirement Savings

If the question, “When can I retire?” ties your stomach in knots, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. Millions of

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Ridiculous Comfort in a Baking Dish

I don’t know what it is about a hot, bubbly casserole that sends me (and my tastebuds) back to my

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In Banking “High-Yield” Means Better than Nothing

There was a time when it was routine for banks and credit unions to pay 6 percent on savings accounts.


Store Lettuce in a Jar, Not a Bag

The saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come,” popped into my mind this week when I received

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With Generic Drugs, You Gotta’ Speak Up

I want to tell you about a shocking encounter I had recently at my local Rite Aid pharmacy. But first,

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Rhubarb Season Means More Than Pie

Given that it’s rhubarb season in most parts of the northern hemisphere, I thought now would be the perfect time

Dear Mary

Is Your Collection Worth Anything?

Dear Mary, I have many complete sets of McDonald’s Happy Meal® toys, all of them in their original sealed packaging.


Tweak a Product to Your Liking

I encourage readers to be diligent about reading product labels and unit pricing. Being a smart consumer means being informed

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Identity Theft is Hilarious but It’s No Laughing Matter

Stealing someone else’s personal information to commit theft or fraud—also known as identity theft—has exploded into the national consciousness. Credit card

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Life’s Money Rules – Rule 6: Manage Your Credit

I’ll admit it. Rule six in my book, 7 Money Rules for Life: How to Take Control of Your Financial

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Dinner and Dessert Side-by-Side

I am a huge fan of meals that can be cooked together using the same heat source. Slow cookers and

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Online or In-Store Deals? Be Smart

Dear Mary, I do a lot of online shopping. My sister, on the other hand, refuses to buy anything online


Kitchen Workhorse is Multi-Talented

The dishwasher in my house is a workhorse. It does a great job of doing all sorts of things like

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No More Sweaty Palms

Statistically, U.S. taxpayers have a very low chance of being audited by the IRS. According to MSN personal finance columnist