Dear Mary

An Ingenious Way to Keep Butter Soft and Fresh

  Dear Mary: Several years ago, I visited a friend and was introduced to an item that allows you to

Clothing and Accessories, Tips

Bag a Bargain on Men’s Leather Belts in ANY Size

Today I am especially impressed if not excited by the cool and very useful money- and time-saving tips my EC

Home & Family

My Love Hate Relationship with Carpet

  Never in my wildest imagination could I have predicted the response I would get to the column I wrote

Mary's Perspective, Money and Finances

Life’s Money Rules – Rule 7: Borrow Only What You Know You Can Repay

  Over the past months, I’ve been sharing an overview of my basic money rules. There are seven of them

Food & Recipes

A Home Cooked Meal Every Night of the Week

  What’s for dinner tonight? I’ve get a great suggestion: How about a yummy, creamy, casserole? Come on. You know

Dear Mary

Will I Be Taxed on My Son’s Generosity?

  Dear Mary: I am retired and my son wants to give me money to buy a house as a

Holidays and Special Occasions, Tips

Tips to Avoid “Turkey Flu” this Holiday Season

  For years, Liz Tarditi’s mother tried to kill her family with turkey. Not intentionally, of course, but invariably sometime

Holidays and Special Occasions

A Perfect Homemade Holiday Gift

Every year about this time I start scrambling for gift ideas for my long list of friends, neighbors and colleagues.

A Jar of Coins Full and Running Over
Mary's Perspective

Saving Coins Can Be a Pain

  I am not one to spend coins. And I don’t like carrying them around in my wallet, either. Every

Food & Recipes

Better Than Fast Food, Cheaper Than Eating Out

  If you find it’s too expensive to eat out but you don’t have time to cook at home, a

Holidays and Special Occasions

The Rules of Regifting

Seventy-two days until Christmas. That’s right, I said it. Start thinking it over. And while you’re doing that, allow me

Gifts, Home & Family

Gifts in a Jar

  It’s been 18 years since we published the very first reader-tip for Sand Art Cookies in Debt-Proof Living Newsletter.

Automobiles, Mary's Perspective

5 Ways to Minimize Your Car Insurance Costs

  Automobile insurance. We spend thousands of dollars on it then hope we’ll never need it. By law and common

Food & Recipes

Quick and Cozy Slow Cooker Soups

  Dump and run. That’s the kind of slow cooker recipes I love. No muss, no fuss and no hovering

Dear Mary

In Investing No Risk Means No Reward

  Dear Mary: This may be the ultimate in stupid questions but it’s been plaguing me for a while. Is there


Readers Share Clever Ideas to Use “This for That”

Have you ever wondered if it’s socially acceptable to split a restaurant meal? Today’s great reader tips include words of

Gift Guides, Gifts

Holiday Shopping Guide for Whole Family Gifts

  Whether your family tree is a small sapling or a mighty oak, it can get spendy to buy an

Mary's Perspective

Plan is Not a Four-Letter Word

  A friend—let’s call her Sally—who in her early thirties, moved from Arizona to Florida in search of a better

Food & Recipes

Gluten-Free Lasagna and Apple Pie

  It’s been about six months since my husband decided to go gluten-free—to give up wheat, which means just about


Stop the Cycle

  Sometimes, just a simple change in the way we do things can result in significant savings over time. Take

Dear Mary

Invest in Your Debt

  Dear Mary: Soon I will receive an inheritance that is almost equal to the amount remaining on my mortgage.