Young couple in distress and worry for the way things used to be
Dear Mary

Don’t Break the Rules of Self-Employment

Dear Mary, My husband and I have really gotten ourselves in deep this time. At the time, we thought starting


Readers Respond to Winter Tips

I asked readers on my blog to share their favorite tips for protecting their home and car in the winter.

Mary's Perspective

How to Tear Down Attitudes of Entitlement

It is strangely ironic that the freedoms and affluence we enjoy in our society are the very things that stand

Food & Recipes, Kids and Babies

Bring the Kids Into the Kitchen

Kids love to help out in the kitchen, but they don’t want to only watch. They want to get involved.

Dear Mary

Confusing Insurance Policy

Dear Mary, I read your column all the time and can’t thank you enough for all the helpful money-saving hints


Ways to Do Things Cheaper, Better and Faster

I’m very excited about this month’s release of my book, Cheaper, Better, Faster. As you know I love tips, and

Mary's Perspective, Money and Finances

Money Rules for LIfe – Rule 1: Spend Less Than You Earn

My life changed radically 28 years ago when I broke my self-imposed gag order and told the whole world about

Food & Recipes

Healthy Does Not Mean Time-Consuming

If you think eating healthy for weight loss has to be time consuming and expensive, then you’re going to love

Money and Finances, Tips

Tips and Tricks to Stop the Money Leaks

For many, it’s not the big expenditures that keep them spending beyond their means, but rather the thousands of little

Health and Beauty, Home & Family

Medical Care on Aisle Five

Over the past few years, I’ve read about retail health clinics being the wave of the future. It wasn’t until

Mary's Perspective

Get Financially Fit With Good Habits

Personal character is made of habits. Bad ones just seem to happen, while good habits are usually the result of

Food & Recipes

Post-Holiday Comfort Food

Now that it’s over, I have to admit I was a little worried I might not make it. After all,

Dear Mary, Holidays and Special Occasions

Get Ready Now for Christmas 2013

Dear Mary, Every year my mom starts a Christmas club account and contributes to it each month. She swears by


It’s All About Saving Time, Money and Sanity

I am convinced that readers of this Everyday Cheapskate column are the most creative at saving time, money and sanity.

Kids and Babies

How to Get Your Kid’s Room Organized

The holiday decorations are put away, the kids are back in school and life is getting back to the normal

Mary's Perspective

The Story Behind Cheaper, Better, Faster

I didn’t actually set out to become a tip aficionado. But that’s exactly what’s happened since the day I began

Food & Recipes

Warm Up From the Inside Out

There is nothing like soup to warm us from the inside out on a cold winter night. Add to that

Sign over shoe repair/service store
Dear Mary

Dye, Don’t Buy

Dear Mary, I have a great pair of leather shoes that I just love, but they aren’t in a color

Car Snow

Everyday Item Offers Winter Protection

I don’t live in a place where I need to protect my car or home from the damage of snow

Home & Family

Could You Go a Year Without Spending?

A few years back, Eric and Donna Reed shopped for groceries and household products only once a year. How on