Modify to Meet Your Needs

If your goal is to reuse, recycle and redo, you’re in for some creative ideas in today’s column. I never would have thought to modify my paper towel roll, but I’m going to try it after reading Claude’s tip.

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PERFECTLY-SIZED PAPER TOWELS. We are committed to using the most eco-friendly paper products, and also reducing the waste and expense of brown paper towels. We cut the roll in two uneven rolls, 3 inches and 8 inches. We then thread them onto our vertical holder, with the smaller roll on top. When we need only a bit of towel, the 3-inch piece suffices. My friend who has a wall-mounted holder cuts the roll carefully without damaging the cardboard center, and gets the same cost-saving results. Claude, Massachusetts

FREEZER JARS, NOT FREEZER BAGS. Better than zip-type freezer bags, I put onions, peppers and other strong-smelling items in glass jars for freezer storage. The jars protect the food better than plastic and you can wash and reuse the jars, too. Yvonne, EC Blog