A Compromise to Benefit All

Dear Mary,

Every year, my husband and I spend most of the holiday season arguing over how much to spend on the kids for Christmas. My husband makes good money, so I see no problem with splurging on our three girls. However, he thinks they should be given one nice gift so they’ll appreciate it more.

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In the past, I’ve smiled while watching their faces light up on Christmas morning, while my husband sits there shaking his head in disgust. I don’t want to spend another holiday arguing. What can we do to compromise? Julie, Texas

Dear Julie,

When our boys were young I was driven, like you, to turn Christmas into an extravaganza with mountains of gifts to fulfill their dreams. And my husband, like yours, was less than enthusiastic. I wanted more than anything to create magical childhood memories that last a lifetime. Sadly, my efforts backfired. More was never enough and none of us were truly satisfied.