YouTube Demo Videos a Hit with Consumers

It’s hard to remember a time when YouTube wasn’t a part of our lives. It seems like every day I receive a link from a friend or family member sharing something fun, poignant or thrilling on YouTube. My friend Lou at is a YouTube star. She has a series of videos that show her demonstrating the uses of her amazing product, Nok Out. Looks like Lou is on to something.


YOUTUBE HOW-TOS. My sister introduced me to YouTube as the go-to place for repair how-tos. She was able to repair her clothes dryer using a YouTube video that demonstrated all the repair steps, including pulling the tub to reach the part she needed to replace. I used it when my clothes washer sprang a leak. I was able to make a tentative diagnosis, and then decided I was not physically able to make the repairs myself. I called a repairman and didn’t have to worry that the repair was unnecessary. Roberta, EC Blog