Lighten Up About the Economy

I have long held that a sense of humor is life’s best shock absorber. That’s why I have “55 Jokes About the Recession” pinned to my bulletin board.

I rely on humor to blunt the shocking economic headlines du jour, news that could easily render a person powerless.

The economy is so bad, Hot Wheels stock is trading higher than GM.


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Feeling powerless is a terrible thing. It causes self-pity, victimization and depression. Powerless people spend their lives managing one crisis after another, reacting rather than taking action. They’re forever hoping to get ahead someday.

Some powerless personalities you might know include Eeyore and Charlie Brown. These two manage to whine, feel sorry for themselves and barely cope with life one cartoon strip at a time.

The economy is so bad, the White House turkey turned down his Thanksgiving pardon—all his wealth was in stocks, and he has nothing to live for.

Can’t you just hear Eeyore upon returning from the local Replace-A-Tail Shop, whining to Winnie the Pooh, “I just couldn’t help myself. They were on sale. I really deserve these after all I’ve been through.”