14 Mother’s Day Gifts to Fit Every Budget

Since Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away, and since I’m a mom and many of you are moms, and since just about everyone has a mom or mom figure in their lives—it’s hard not to conclude that Mother’s Day is something worth celebrating.

Mother's Day

Which brings me to Mother’s Day gifts. I know this can be intensely personal and emotion-packed. So let’s do this: If you are just not into Mother’s Day gifting or even celebrating, consider what follows to be “Mary’s Favorite Things.”

Truth be told, I’ve had a lot of fun coming up with this  list of great gifts I’d be thrilled to receive—for Mother’s Day or any other day, for that matter.


1. Rough Day Wine Glass. This beautifully etched wine glass will bring out the sense of humor in mom. What a cool gift. Make it even more special by pairing it with a bottle of her favorite wine.

2. Coffee Mug with Important Message. She already knows it, but why not remind her every day from here on, what a great thing she did when she had you.

3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera. Sure, digital phone cameras are hip and cool, but show me a mom who wouldn’t love to snap a picture and  instantly have that photo in her hand—on photo stock paper. Look at this new version of a “Polaroid-like” camera from yesteryear. This little sweet pea will easily fit in her hand, comes in a variety of pastel colors and is just cooler than cool. Don’t forget she’ll need extra film to go with it. Yes, film like from the olden days.


4. Shark Navigator Pro. I just read some lame rule for Mother’s Day gifting: Never give your Mother a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day. What?! How many ways can I disagree wit,h that? I already have a Shark, but I’d die for an even better one like this particular awesome model. And yes for Mother’s Day! I’m pretty sure your mom will agree.

5. Beaded Charm Bracelet. Look at this beauty just filled with Murano glass beads in shades of purple. This is “Pandora style” without Pandora price. Comes in three sizes.

6. Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. If you love cheaper alternatives that are equal to or better than the big name brand, you are going to love this Dutch oven. You’ll swear it’s Le Creuset for its beauty, heft and performance. And it might as well be, that’s how fabulous it is. But priced 75% cheaper! Look at all the color choices, too.


7. Fat Separator. I know what you’re thinking. This does sound like a weight-loss program and wouldn’t that be nice, but nope. It’s one of the most ingenious kitchen gadgets ever. Just pour all of the liquid and pan juices into this fabulous 4-cup separator with the stopper in place (to prevent fat from traveling up the spout. Once filled, remove the spout and pour out just the juices—none of the fat. Any home cook would love this thing … and bless the day you thought to give it to her.

8. The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner. We’re talking a stainless steel chainmail scrubber for cast iron cookware. Seriously, folks, why didn’t I think of this? I spend so much time scrubbing my skillet with salt to get it clean without removing the seasoning. Not only does this look cool, it works well, too. (Check out the reviews.) Just wad it up and scrub away. No water, no detergent. Finally a way to clean cast iron that’s easy, effective and way cool.

9. Silicone Oven Mitts. Mom will stop hating oven mitts made to fit the Jolly Green Giant when she sees these lovely cooking gloves designed to fit ladies’ hands. Made of silicon, they can endure temperatures higher than a mom can produce in a typical kitchen. And they pretty darn cute, too in a variety of colors.

10. USA Pans Bakeware. I love to bake, but only when I have the right tools, equipment and ingredients. The right bakeware is made in the USA, by USA Pans. It’s a little pricey, but these are pans your mom will have forever because they are commercial quality bakeware. This USA Pans Loaf Pan is one of my favorites. And it comes it two sizes. These pans are fabulous at retaining heat, producing a nice, smooth, evenly-browned loaf of bread. 


11. Heart Pendant Necklace. I am knocked out by the sparkly cubic zirconia filling one side of the beautiful heart pendant, with a lovely message on the other. Both the heart and chain are polished 925 sterling silver. Amazing for the price. What a special gift your mom will treasure forever.

12. Rösle Flat Whisk. I’ve had the 8.5-inch size of this flat whisk for  at least ten years now, and I’ve used it every single day. It’s the only whisk I need. It fits comfortably in my hand, is the perfect size for every possible whisking need, which makes it simply awesome. The best gift ever for any culinary rock star in your life. Use it once and be hooked forever.

13. Wire Bangle Bracelet. Look at the lovely item from Alex and Ani. It is an expandable bangle bracelet with four charms, one of which says “Mom.” Yep, right there it makes it perfect for any mom to wear so she never forgets who she is and her greatest calling in all the world.

14. Love Bracelet. How I love this little gem of a cuff bracelet. Made of silver plated brass, it bends and gives to conform to any sized wrist and comes with a gift box. But best of all, it is inscribed with the words of 1 Corinthians 13, known to many as The Love Chapter. 

There you go. Fourteen ideas for that special Mom in your life. And even if you ddidn’t see something here that rang your chimes, I hope this has your creative juices flowing to find ways to make this a great Mother’s Day!

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