Make Your Own Groceries: Salad Dressing


If you read the list of ingredients on the back of prepared food products and wonder what they are really (and how to pronounce them), you’re going to love the idea of making your own groceries, whenever possible.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that there’s anything wrong with these mystery ingredients in so many prepared and pre-packaged items. But they do seem to make those grocery items cost a lot.

You can make some of your own groceries for pennies, not dollars. The bonus is that you’ll know for sure what you and your family are eating.

Today I have some really neat recipes for you to make your own salad dressings.

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No Green Thumb Required


I love houseplants and boy, do I have some beauties! The truth is I don’t have a green thumb, I just know a few secret tricks and tips that I will gladly share with you.


Know your varieties. Only consider plants in what I call the thrivuus neglectus family, which comes from the Latin root meaning “really cheap and thrives even under the harshest conditions of poor light and neglect.”

Aspidistra is also known as the “cast iron plant” and for good reason. This baby can survive any condition including low light and a dry environment. And it is not ugly. Continue reading

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Put Your Freezer To Work


Whether you have a stand alone unit or yours is part of your refrigerator, your freezer is either costing a lot in wasted energy or it’s saving you a bundle in food costs. It has a lot to do with the style of freezer you have, the way you stock it and how you maintain it.

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Use a thermometer. Get a refrigerator/freezer thermometer to check the temperature. The closer to 0 F., the better. Food kept at 0 F. degrees will last months longer than say 20 or 31 F.

Remove the air. Trapped air causes freezer burn. Make sure you select a container small enough so the contents fill it. You can remove a great deal of the air from a freezer bag without a fancy vacuum sealing machine. Seal all but enough space to slip in a drinking straw. Now inhale on that straw to pull all the air out of the bag. Quickly zip the last bit. Pop it into the freezer. Continue reading

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Money-Saving Investments for the Kitchen


I’m crazy about gadgets—everything from quirky can openers to smartphones. Hand me a Swiss Army knife and I’m in heaven—the more blades and utensils the better.


And how about that One-Second Needle? It was a great idea, but sadly that is one gadget that needs to be put out of its misery, in my humble opinion.

My favorite gadgets, of course, are ones that actually help me to save money. I’ve been fooled from time to time, spending good money on things that just did not perform well. Or the gadget turned out to be so cumbersome using it actually complicated rather than simplified my life. But now and then I strike on a gadget that is so magnificent in its functionality and money-saving properties, I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Today I want to tell you about three gadgets for the kitchen that I consider to be wise investments. All three are inexpensive enough to pay for themselves in immediate grocery savings and will then go on to keep paying off in food savings. That’s saying a lot as food costs continue to soar. Continue reading

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I’d Rather Have the Money, Bob


Did you see us? My husband Harold and I were on TV with Bob Barker. Before you run to check your TiVo I’d better tell you this was awhile ago. Try 1971.


We were plucked from the live audience of that old favorite, Truth or Consequences along with two other couples. Ours was a kind of “newlywed game” stunt. They put the guys in a sound-proof booth and we ladies had to predict how our husbands would answer questions.

Of course the hubs and I won. And a mighty fine prize it was: $50 and a blender!  Continue reading

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